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After becoming a Big Brothers Big Sister mentor 20 years ago Coach Crump “The King Coach” was officially born. Knowing the value of mentoring in his own life that he describes in his book “How II Win” helped his personal growth and development. Coach Crump “The King Coach” took the opportunity seriously.

That led him to becoming an educator for 13 years, leader of 3 different organizations and a successful entrepreneur all while managing being married with children. He has coached and mentored thousands of students and professional men to help them grow and develop as a King. Coach Crump has been invited to speak and train at several schools, universities, organizations and business nationally and internationally.

As a result of his successes over the years of mentoring and coaching boys to become their best self. Coach Crump “The King Coach” has been able to author a book and create resources online and in person that help leaders become their best self.

Currently Coach Crump is Director of the NLSA, where he is responsible for training and developing thousands of speakers and entrepreneurs. He is also head consultant for the Jeremy Anderson Group and Owner of Crumpler Enterprises.



No stranger to community development and male empowerment, Chae Powell remains an active pillar in his local community. Chae has served in a number of capacities related to the social and economic development of Bermuda’s high risk male population, and knows firsthand how the atrocities they face have affected the lives of many.

with a degree in communications, Chae’s passion for reaching the wider community led to the development of a contemporary partnership and creation of Youth On The Move, a bespoke community group that focuses on providing support through educational mentorship.


Chae has partnered with the Ministry of National Security – a division of the Bermuda Government tasked with addressing the
growing concerns of gun and gang violence, Team Street Safe (a collaborative task force headed by Chris Crumpler), and Impact Mentoring  Academy, a charter school for young men.

Currently Chae is employed with the Government of Bermuda as a Residential Care Officer tasked with providing care resources for adolescents in state custody.

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